Author Topic: Who is a true Muslim  (Read 1625 times)

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Who is a true Muslim
« on: June 25, 2014, 02:47:28 AM »
Read in Bengali (বাংলায় পড়তে হলে)

Courtesy: Khurram Chaudhry
Critic: What is your opinion on Shia?
 Islamist: They are heretics. They do not represent the true Islam.
Critic: What do you think of Wahabis ?
 Islamist: False Muslims. Their actions and teachings do not represent true Islam
Critic: What do you think of Taliban?
 Islamist: False Muslims. They do not represent Islam.
Critic: What do you think of the Muslim Brotherhood ?
 Islamist: Also false Muslims. They do not represent Islam.
Critic: How about ISIS and its actions in Syria?
 Islamist: They are not true Muslims either. Their actions go against Islam
Critic: What do you think of those suicide bombers who blow themselves up in the name of Islam ?
 Islamist: They do not represent the teachingsof Islam.
Critic: Why are most Islamic countries backward in regards to science and technology and progress ?
 Islamist: Because Muslims do not understand Islam properly and do not follow its teachings. Also, they follow leaders and rulers and sheikhs who are false Muslims and do not apply Islam properly.
Critic: What of the problems of forced marriages, child marriages, lashing, whipping, beating, stoning,enforcing the veil, executions for apostasy and blasphemy prevalent in some Islamic communities ?
 Islamist: Those actions are not from Islam, and those who do them are not true Muslims.
Critic: What do you say of the hadiths that advocate and support execution for apostasy and fighting non-believers ? and what about the numerous tafsirs and sources written by Muslim scholars (including those who established the major Islamic schools of jurisprudence) that confirm those, and clearly state that the earlier peaceful verses were abrogated later on by more violent ones?
 Islamist: They are all false. They're not truly from Islam, and those scholars who wrote this have misunderstood what the real teachings of Islam
Critic: Well, how many Muslims are there ?
 Muslim: Allahu Akbar!! Islam is the fastest growing and most widespread religion in the world. We are the Ummah of more than 1.7 billion followers. Allahu Akbar!!